28: Time to Start Breaking the Rules

Was listening to an interesting podcast the other day where the person was talking about staying out of Jail and out of Hell. He was saying the as an entrepreneur we have to break the rules to get to the places we wish. We don’t have to follow society norms and what everyone else thinks you should be doing. As long as you stay out of Jail and Out of Hell, everything else is up for grabs.

I thought this lesson was valuable not only to those who wish or want to be entrepreneurs, but to anybody out there who’s looking to do extraordinary things in the their life.

23: Impossible Possibility

Just My Thoughts Podcast - Jonathan Moore

What is a Impossible Possibility?  It’s a moment in time when we have a unique opportunity.  But are we recognizing it?  Looking at my life right now I’m in a position where I have a Impossible Possibility and it’s truly an amazing gift.  But I realized that I myself wasn’t totally aware of this.  The power of now is being able to catch yourself where you are right now.  Meet yourself where you are right now and live in that moment.  Remember that the moment now is the only moment that we have.  It’s better to see what you have now than it is to look for more.

Insturmentals by: Logic

-Like Woah

-All I Do

-Soul Food

-Fade Away

-Take it Back

21: Building Relationships Through Story Telling

Just My Thoughts Podcast - Jonathan Moore

Telling our stories is one of the most powerful ways that we connect.  Being able to relate to one another is a major key factor in creating a powerful bond.  Learn about others.  Find out who they are.  Get to know more about them than “what they do”.  There’s something powerful about stories and our unique way of finding ourselves in them.

19: My Failure was My Gift

Just My Thoughts Podcast - Jonathan Moore

My failures in life have often turned out to be my greatest gifts and wisest teachers.  When looking on back on where I came from and where I am today, I can’t help but to be thankful for all of the hardships that I’ve suffered.  Not saying these series of events were a good time while they were happening.  But all in all they helped me grow.  It’s funny how when we’re going through troubles, others can believe in us more than we believe in ourselves.

Instrumentals By:

Mobb Deep: Survival of the Fittest

Prodigy: Trails of Love

Mobb Deep: Where Ya Heart At?

18: Do The Right Thing

Just My Thoughts Podcast - Jonathan Moore

A stupid mistakes leads to a big realization.  Do The Right Thing!  Even when you don’t have to.  That’s what makes it “right” or “ethical”.  Although I felt embarrassed, stupid, and foolish, it also sparked this thought and conversation.  I hope that in this situation I did the right “thing” for myself.

17: Basketball Game

Just My Thoughts Podcast - Jonathan Moore

How a simple basketball game helped to remind me just how great life can be when we step on the other side of fear.  I like this story because it serves as a means to look back and remember past victories that we’ve had.  Our story either keeps us caged in or sets us free.

Instrumentals By: Damu the Fudgemunk

-Last Ole

-Rather Unique

-Colorful Storms

-Leo….The Part 1

16: Left My Heart in Lacey

Just My Thoughts Podcast - Jonathan Moore

I Left my Heart in Lacey is a tribute to the amazing times and connections that I had while teaching there.  It was heartbreaking when I lost my job.  My students and the time spent was truly one of kind.  I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to spend time in Lacey and for all those that made a lasting impression on me.  This short time in my life has left a footprint on my heart that I will never forget.  I love all my students there and I always will.

Instrumentals By: J. Cole

-January 28th


-We Dreamz

-Love Yourz

14: Being Right

Just My Thoughts Podcast - Jonathan Moore

We all want to be right to some degree.  Is it us or is it our ego?  I speak about how we can bring peace in a way that works for the greater good.  The main thing that we have to overcome is ourselves.

Instrumentals by:  Curren$y

-Brief Case


-Game Tapes

-Music N History

-Sidewalk Show

13: Paint the Picture

Just My Thoughts Podcast - Jonathan Moore

Just my thoughts on when it comes to bringing a vision into manifestation.  During this time, when you’re working towards something that you want to create, we often get pushback or resistance from those we least expect.  What makes it even more difficult is when you’re looking to those same people for support.  I’ve learned that it’s not always the case that they don’t support or believe in you, it’s that they can’t see the vision until you complete it.

Instrumentals By:  Jay-Z

-Feeling it

-Somewhere in America

-Guess Who’s Back


-Who You Wit