21: Building Relationships Through Story Telling

Just My Thoughts Podcast - Jonathan Moore

Telling our stories is one of the most powerful ways that we connect.  Being able to relate to one another is a major key factor in creating a powerful bond.  Learn about others.  Find out who they are.  Get to know more about them than “what they do”.  There’s something powerful about stories and our unique way of finding ourselves in them.

20: Make a Move

Just My Thoughts Podcast - Jonathan Moore

Sometimes in order to see things begin to move, you have to first make the move.  By making a move we can set off a trigger of events that will help whatever we want begin to manifest.  Every once in a while we ourselves need a kick in the ass and the same goes for us giving others a kick in the ass.  Regardless of the situation, the one thing I realized is that action needs to be done first for motion to begin.

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-Glamour Life

-Super Lyrical

-You Came Up


19: My Failure was My Gift

Just My Thoughts Podcast - Jonathan Moore

My failures in life have often turned out to be my greatest gifts and wisest teachers.  When looking on back on where I came from and where I am today, I can’t help but to be thankful for all of the hardships that I’ve suffered.  Not saying these series of events were a good time while they were happening.  But all in all they helped me grow.  It’s funny how when we’re going through troubles, others can believe in us more than we believe in ourselves.

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Mobb Deep: Survival of the Fittest

Prodigy: Trails of Love

Mobb Deep: Where Ya Heart At?

18: Do The Right Thing

Just My Thoughts Podcast - Jonathan Moore

A stupid mistakes leads to a big realization.  Do The Right Thing!  Even when you don’t have to.  That’s what makes it “right” or “ethical”.  Although I felt embarrassed, stupid, and foolish, it also sparked this thought and conversation.  I hope that in this situation I did the right “thing” for myself.